National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) along with APCOB initiated steps to rejuvenate the PACS by converting them into ‘Multi Service Centres’. PACS are to be developed as ‘one-stop-shop’, meeting all the needs of the farmers. PACS shall function as self-sustainable entities with additional services & diversified activities, required by members. Thus the initiative of “Conversion of PACS as MSCs” has come into existence.

The Project Monitoring Unit (PMU) was established at APCOB in July 2013 by NABARD as a Monitoring Unit at the state level, for scrutinising and recommending loan proposals to NABARD, for guiding, reviewing and monitoring the implementation of MSC initiative.

Since the inception and till date, 238 PACS in the state Andhra Pradesh have been brought under the MSC initiative and Rs. 167.30 crores have been disbursed, as against total sanctions of Rs. 270.10 crores.

I. Eligible Activities:

The financial assistance to the PACS will be extended in two modes viz., Term loan (with 5 (5+2 for Godown) years repayment schedule) and Working capital Term Loan (WCTL) (with 3 years repayment schedule). The potential activities that can be considered under the scheme is as follows;

Term Loan Working Capital Term Loan
Godowns, drying yard/shed, Reverse Osmosis Water Plants, Vehicle loans (Kisan Bikes), Weigh Bridge, Aerators, Shopping Complex, Generic Medicine Shop, Petrol Bunk, Purchase of agri. Equipment for custom hiring, Milk collection centres and chilling centres, Super Bazar/petty shops, solar drier, saw mill/ carpentry, Banana fibre extraction units, coconut leaf thatching unit, seed processing plants, cotton ginning mills, cattle feed plants and any other activity as per the requirement of the PACS under both agricultural and non-agricultural sector. WCTL against pledge of jewels, Fish Feed, Pledge loans (against pledge of agri. Produce), Petti Business, Fertilizers/Pesticide/seed, Personal loans, procurement business, Adda leaves and any other activity as per the requirement of the PACS under both agricultural and non-agricultural sector.

Some of the activities taken up by PACS under PACS-MSC Scheme are as under:-

West Godavari District (Eluru)


A View of the Storage godown ( 2500 MT) and Weigh Bridge of Eletipadu PACS

Combine Harvester of Eletipadu PACS

view of the Generic medicines outlet and Consumer stores of Eletipadu PACS

A view of the Petrol Bunk , Eletipadu PACS

Profile of T.NARSAPURAM PACS , West Godavari district,AP.

A View of the PACS

A view of the Interiors of the PACS

Storage services , T Narsapuram

A view of RO Water Bottling Plant , T Narsapuram

RO water Plant , T Narsapuram (Capacity : 2000 litres.)

Milk Collection centre , T Narsapuram

Bulk Milk Chilling Plant , T Narsapuram

Capacity : 5000 litres

WEIGH BRIDGE , T Narsapuram

Capacity : 50 MT

PETROL BUNK , T Narsapuram

A View of the Aerators working progress in Fish tanks of Komaragiri PACS, East Godavari (Kakinada)



A View of the Storage godown ( 560 MT) of Nandamuru PACS

A view of Function Hall being run by Nandamuru PACS.