Caution to Public

Enhancing Awareness on the Banking, Unscrupulous / Fictitious Offers and Fraudulent Transactions

1. No authorized organization sends mails or messages asking you to deposit or transfer a large amount of money to your account stating any offers/jackpots. Don’t be a victim of such frauds.

2. How can you win a lottery without buying the same. When you receive a phone call/mail offering you a huge sum of money in exchange to a small amount of your money, pause for a moment and think for a while, why is he offering me such a huge amount of money ? The answers will not allow you to transfer even a small amount of money to anyone.

3. No bank employee will ask your ATM card details like confidential PIN and CVV in any circumstance. Please dont share your confidential information to anyone in any case.

4. Lodge a complaint with local Police/cyber-crime authorities immediately if you are harassed by telephone calls or emails offering you huge sums of money

5. RBI never deals with individuals for savings account, current account, credit card, debit card etc.

6. RBI does not keep funds or accounts of any individual/public/trust. Don’t be a victim to any such offers coming to you through phone or emails in the name of RBI.

7. Do not share your Mobile Banking details such as user ID / password or your credit/debit card number/ CVV/ OTP with anyone either by phone or through emails.

8. Do not send any money as an initial deposit/commission/transfer fee to anyone for any offers made in the name of RBI, Income Tax, any Bank, World Bank, IMF or any such reputed organizations.