Int. Subvention, Rebate & Subsidy

Interest Subvention:

GoI provide 3% Interest Subvention as Incentive to Farmers/Borrowers for repayment of crop loans on or before due date for the crop loans availed up to Rs.3.00 lakhs.  2% interest Subvention allowed on their own funds involved in the crop loans lent @7%. Up to Rs. 3.00 lakh per farmer.

Interest Rebate & Subsidy:

Govt. of A.P (unified) had extended 6% interest rebate to the farmers for prompt repayment of current instalments of LT/MT up to the year 2014-15. Further, a 2.5% interest subsidy scheme was also extended to the cooperative institutions on their own funds involved in disbursement of short-term crop production loans @ 7% concessional interest rate to the farmers. An amount of Rs.363,66,66,453.00 is receivable from the government to APCOB/DCCBs towards interest rebate and interest subsidy claim amounts for the period 2007-08 to 2014-15.

Further, an amount of Rs.151,21,68,159.14  (as on 31.03.2020) is payable by APCOB to government under various heads (ST loans for ACSF, MT Conversion loans, LT loans to DCCBs, Debentures etc.,) and APCOB had moved a proposal to the government for adjustment the amount of Rs.  151,21,68,159.14  payable to the Government from the balance amount of Rs. 363,66,66,453.00 due by the Government to the APCOB under interest rebate and Interest subsidy claims.

Government vide GO Rt No. 160 (attached) dated 26 March 2021 have considered and permitted APCOB to adjust amounts payable to Government by APCOB (Rs. 151,21,68,159.14)  as against the pending dues payable to APCOB and DCCBs  (Rs. 363,66,66,453.00) towards Interest rebate and Interest subsidy claims. The amounts adjusted to DCCBs/APCOB is enclosed.

The Andhra Pradesh State Cooperative Bank Ltd.
Statement Showing DCCB wise  amounts adjusted under Interest Rebate & Interest Subsidy dues
S. No. Name of the DCC Bank Amounts adjusted
Interest Rebate Interest Subsidy
1 Srikakulam 39259387.28 10039656.00
2 Vizianagaram 42898387.38 7639080.00
3 Visakhapatnam 37930526.76 63431731.00
4 Kakinada 149271830.38 76131570.00
5 Eluru 297236078.39 71921000.00
6 Krishna 99880151.67 27402925.00
7 Guntur 40631794.96 12293969.00
8 Prakasam 45575993.08 54055730.00
9 Nellore 19792086.70 32066850.00
10 Kadapa 64483410.53 41551048.00
11 Kurnool 86389364.77 32829706.00
12 Ananthapur 77590406.11 43836386.00
13 Chittoor 7521352.13 30507738.00
14 APCOB/GCC 0.00 0.00
Total 1008460770.14 503707389.00