Gold Loans

Gold Loans:

APCOB is providing 4 Types of Gold Loans
1. Normal Gold Loan
2. Commercial Gold Loan
3. Normal SOD against Gold Jewellery and
4. Commercial SOD against Gold Jewellery.
For the customer’s convenience and flexibility, APCOB is facilitating the customers by providing Over Draft (OD) facility as against to the Gold Jewellery.SOD (Secured Over Draft) against Gold Jewellery: In this facility you can avail the overdraft limit by pledging your ornaments in the bank. So that you can freely withdraw the available limit whenever fund required and make the payment as and when the funds available. The interest will be charged on outstanding of the loan amount only (i.e. withdrawal amount only).

Our Attractions are:

Quick loan disbursal i.e. within 15 minutes
• Very low interest rate
• Flexible Modes/ Types
• Quick handover of ornaments after closing the loan i.e. within 10 minutes
• Safe and Smooth Custody of ornaments
• No processing fee from bank side
• Very less Appraiser Charges
• High Per Gram Lending Rate

 S.No.  Scheme Maximum Limit (Rs.) Period
 Loan per gram @
Rate of Interest
(% p.a.)
 01. Normal Gold Loans (or)

Normal SOD against Gold jewellery

up to 1.00 lakhs 12 months  3,300  7.50*
 02. Commercial Gold Loans  40.00 lakhs 6 months  3,500  8.60*
03. Normal Gold Loans (or)

Normal SOD against Gold Jewellery

above 01.00 lakh and upto

2.00 lakhs

12 months 3,300 8.10*
04. Commercial SOD against Gold Jewellery 40.00 lakhs 6 months 3,500 8.60*

*Overall Individual Slab – Rs.40.00 Lakh.
*The above revised per gram lending rates w.e.f  09.11.2022.