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Recuring Deposit Account

Recurring Deposits are a popular investment option for individuals looking to accumulate savings over time with a fixed monthly commitment. It is particularly beneficial for individuals with a regular income who wish to grow their savings through systematic and disciplined savings.

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Eligibility To Open
Recurring Deposit Account

  • Recurring Deposit

  • All persons who are eligible to open a Current or Savings Bank Account with the Bank are eligible to invest in term deposits

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Instant Account Opening

Overdraft/ loan against RD available

Additional 0.6% interest for Senior citizens

Nomination/pre closure facilities available.

  • A regular monthly savings grow into a large sum to meet the financial needs at the end of the agreed period.
  • Interest Calculation – Quarterly compounding
  • Amount – Minimum monthly installment of Rs. 50 and in multiples of 10 thereafter
  • Term – Minimum period of 12 months and in multiples of 12 months upto 10 years

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    What is a Recurring Deposit (RD) account?

    A Recurring Deposit account is a type of savings account offered by banks and financial institutions that allows individuals to deposit a fixed amount of money regularly at predetermined intervals (usually monthly) for a specific tenure. At the end of the tenure, the deposited amount along with interest earned is returned to the account holder.

    Who can open an RD account?

    RD accounts can be opened by individuals, joint account holders, and even minors with the help of a guardian. Some banks might have specific eligibility criteria, so it's best to check with the respective bank.

    What is the minimum deposit amount for an RD account?

    The minimum deposit amount varies from bank to bank and can be quite low, making RDs accessible to a wide range of people. The amount can usually be as low as ₹100 or ₹500.

    Can I change the monthly deposit amount during the tenure?

    No, the monthly deposit amount is typically fixed when you open the RD account. You cannot change it during the tenure of the RD.

    What happens if I miss a monthly deposit?

    If you miss a monthly deposit, the bank might levy a penalty, and the interest earned on the RD might also be affected. Some banks might allow a grace period or offer the option to make up for the missed deposit later.