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 The Andhra Pradesh State Co-operative Bank Ltd., (APCOB) was formed by the amalgamation of the Andhra State Co-operative Bank Limited, Vijayawada and the Hyderabad Co-operative Apex Bank Ltd., Hyderabad, under the Andhra Pradesh State Co-operative Bank (Formation Act) 1963 (Act 12 of 1963) and commenced business on 4th August 1963. Subsequently the Andhra Pradesh Cooperative Central Agricultural Development Bank Ltd., Hyderabad was merged under Act No.14 of 1994 and is deemed to have been registered as a cooperative society under the Andhra Pradesh Cooperative societies Act VII of 1964 w.e.f. 30th April 1994. Since then APCOB is providing the refinance both for Investment Credit (LT) and Short Term (ST) through DCCBs. RBI issued license to APCOB vide License No: RPCD.CO-OP (H)-1/05.08.01/2009-10 on 22.2.2010. The Golden Jubilee year of APCOB was celebrated in the year 2013.

 AP State Re-organization –APCOB Bifurcation: 

As per the AP Reorganization Act, 2014, the Andhra Pradesh State was divided into two viz. the Residual A.P and the newly formed Telangana State on appointed day i.e., 02.06.2014.  Consequently, the Andhra Pradesh State Cooperative Bank was also bifurcated into two State Cooperative Banks viz., the newly formed Telangana State Cooperative Apex Bank Ltd. (TSCAB), for the State of Telangana and Residual APCOB for the state of Andhra Pradesh w.e.f. 02.04.2015. With effect from 23.8.2016, the APCOB is functioning in Vijayawada as Headquarters.

 Co-operative Credit Structure (CCS) in A.P:

The Co-operative Credit Structure (CCS) in Andhra Pradesh is a 3-tier structure, as given as under:


Andhra Pradesh State Co-operative Bank

(APCOB with 16 Branches )


District Co-operative Central Banks

(13 DCCBs with 415 Branches)


Primary Agricultural Co-operative Credit Society (1992 PACS)

{Total Membership: 74.00 lakh

Borrowing Membership: 16.50 lakh}

Good Governance:

  • The Board of Management consists of elected Presidents of 13 DCCBs, CC & RCS as Nominee from Govt. of AP, Professional Director and CGM,NABARD, APRO as Special Invitee.
  • The General Body consists of 13 DCCBs represented by the Presidents of 13 DCCBs and Govt. of A.P., represented by CC&RCS.
  • The CEO/Managing Director is appointed as per the Fit and Proper Criteria stipulated by RBI.
  • The Board constituted various committees – Audit Committee, Risk Mgt. Committee, HR Committee, Spl. Committee on frauds, Steering Committee on Technology Adoption, Committee on OTS, Committee on Imbalances, ALCO and Investment Committee etc., to provide specific and focused governance in the important functional areas and to oversee the affairs of the Bank.
  • Grievance Redressal Committees/cells have been constituted at Head Office of APCOB and 13 DCCBs as per the NABARD guidelines for effective redressal of complaints/grievances of customers.


  • As an Apex Bank, APCOB acts as balancing center for resources of the Cooperatives in the State and also act as investment agency for DCCBs. APCOB is Nodal agency for channelization of funds from RBI/NABARD/Government to farmers through DCCBs/PACS by providing refinance facility to DCCBs.
  • APCOB guide, support, assist the DCCBs & PACS in improving their managerial capabilities,  operational  efficiency,  technology  adoption  & up gradation, systems & procedures, training, providing incentives and to undertake and promote any such activity as may be beneficial to the overall growth of Cooperative Credit Structure in the State.
  • APCOB established training institute to impart training for capacity building of staff working in the Cooperative Credit Structure (APCOB, DCCBs & PACS) in the State.


  • The Bank has been functioning on Core Banking Solution (CBS) platform since 2002.
  • The Bank is providing various banking services viz., accepting various types of deposits, extending all types of retail loans , all remittance services (RTGS/NEFT/IMPS)/UPI, Direct Benefit Transfer(DBT) service Mobile Banking Services, etc.,
  • The retail loan products are – Gold Loans, Personal Loans, Vehicle Loans (both 2 wheeler and car), Education Loans, Housing Loans, Real Estate Mortgage Loans, SOD against Mortgage of Property, SHG Loans, SME loans, etc.,
  • The Bank is extending round the clock services to the customers through 16 onsite ATMs and 2 Mobile ATMs. Through Mobile ATM, bank has been providing ATM on wheel services in the CRDA.
  • Providing refinance both ST & LT for various purposes viz., ST-SAO crop loans, ST-Others, LT loans for Investment in agriculture and allied activities, Weavers, SHG/RMG/JLGs, PACS-MSC, Gold loans etc.,
  • Also providing institutional credit to APCO, StreeNidhi, Cooperative Sugar Factories, Employees Cooperative Credit Societies etc.,

 Branch Network:

With the opening of 13 new branches in the area of Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA) of Andhra Pradesh State, now we are operating with 16 branches. The proposal of opening of 9 new branches in CRDA is under pipeline.


To emerge as the Best Co-operative Enterprise in the state,working on sound business and co-operative principles for sustainable and equitable growth of member Co-operative Credit Institutions and in fostering rural prosperity.


APCOB is committed to promote sustainable and equitable agriculture and rural development through-

  • Extending timely and adequate credit at affordable cost to Small and Marginal Farmers, Agricultural Labourers,Tenant Farmers, Artisans, Small Entrepreneurs and other Weaker Sections through established Co-operative Credit Structure network;
  • Offering best quality and customer-friendly banking services with state-of-the art banking technology;
  • Building a dynamic workforce for Co-operative Credit Structure through recruiting, training and deploying qualified tech-savvy employees;
  • Ensuring profitability and viability of affiliated Credit Co-operative operatives in a sustainable manner with responsible, accountable and member driven sound Co-operative principles and Good Governance practices, to take transparent business decisions;

for securing rural prosperity in the State of Andhra Pradesh.

APCOB GST Numbers:

Andhra Pradesh GSTIN (Goods and Service Tax Identification Number) : 37AAAAT2971J2Z6

Telangana GSTIN (Goods and Service Tax Identification Number) : 36AAAAT2971J2Z8

Key Financial Indicators:

(Rs.in crore)

Sl. No Particulars Position as on 31.03.15

(Unified APCOB)

Position as on 02.04.15

(Residual APCOB)

Position as on 31.03.16 Position as on 31.03.17 Position as on 31.03.18 Position as on 31.03.19 Position as on 31.03.20
1 Paid-up Share Capital 317.89 215.90 226.64 262.09 310.75 388.50 403.76
2 Reserves* 1555.16 1001.12 517.03* 553.39* 613.55* 690.36* 762.63*
3 Owned Funds 1873.05 1217.02 1241.01 1312.81 1421.63 1576.19 1663.72
4 Deposits 5208.44 2336.86 3538.26 3756.04 2866.95 2781.97 3776.31
5 Borrowings 6169.17 3260.07 4760.06 5712.08 6776.84 8218.74 8947.66
6 Investments (Including Call & Short Term deposits) 4486.03 1479.97 2234.96 3068.59 2300.95 1923.27 2399.83
7 Loans & Advances 9064.96 5629.57 7231.73 7647.04 8689.62 10540.58 11820.17
8 Net Profit (after tax) 80.83 47.14 27.21 66.46 79.34 97.33 144.61
9 Total Business 14273.40 7917.64 10768.62 11403.08 11556.71 13322.55 15596.48

* Rs.497.33 Crore was separated from reserves and marked as Provision against Standard Assets


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Click here to download the Job Description of Staff Assistants and Managers working in Head Office.


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Click here to download the details of employees in various cadres.