National Electronic Funds Transfer


Experience the convenience of NEFT with APCOB Bank. Our user-friendly digital platform allows you to effortlessly transfer funds, making your financial transactions smoother and more efficient. Whether you’re an individual, firm, or corporate entity, we’ve got you covered. Join APCOB Bank today for a seamless NEFT experience.


NEFT operates in half-hourly batches with a maximum two-hour timeline for beneficiary account crediting.

Individuals/firms/corporates can use internet/mobile banking for online NEFT transfers.

NEFT transfers can also be initiated at a bank branch.

Non-account holders can initiate NEFT transactions in branch by providing necessary remitter details. No upper transaction amount limit, subject to bank's risk assessment.

Branch-originated NEFT has no upper limit, while online transactions are capped at Rs. 1 lakh per transaction and Rs. 2 lakh per day.

Messages are sent to the NEFT Clearing Centre via the NEFT Service Centre operated by RBI.

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    1. What is NEFT?

    NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) is an electronic funds transfer system that allows individuals and businesses to transfer funds from one bank to another within India.

    2. What are the operating hours for NEFT transactions?

    NEFT transactions are typically processed on all working days of banks in India from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM. However, these timings can vary slightly from bank to bank.

    3. Is there any minimum or maximum amount for NEFT transactions?

    There is usually no minimum amount for NEFT transactions. However, banks may have different policies regarding the maximum amount that can be transferred using NEFT. It's advisable to check with your bank for specific limits.

    4. Are NEFT transactions processed in real-time?

    NEFT transactions are not processed in real-time. Unlike Immediate Payment Service (IMPS), which allows instant transfers, NEFT transactions are processed in batches at specific intervals during the day.

    5. How long does it take for an NEFT transfer to be credited to the recipient's account?

    NEFT transactions are typically settled in hourly batches. The recipient's account is usually credited on the same day if the transaction is initiated within the specified timings. If the transfer is made after the cut-off time, the funds will be credited on the next working day.