IMPS (Immediate Payment Service)


APCOB provides IMPS Facility, allowing you to unlock the power of swift and secure money transfers. Whether you need to send money instantly or make quick payments, our user-friendly platform has you covered.

IMPS service allows customers to transfer funds instantly to and from other bank accounts. The transferred funds are credited to the beneficiary’s account instantly and this facility is available throughout the day. Seven days a week.


IMPS is a 24×7 instant interbank electronic fund transfer service available through mobile banking applications. It allows customers to transfer funds using Account Number & IFSC, even on Sundays and holidays. Branch visits are also an option during working hours.

IMPS enables real-time fund transfers from APCOB to other banks via mobile phones.

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    Q1: What is IMPS (Immediate Payment Service)?

    A1: IMPS is an electronic funds transfer system in India that allows instant interbank electronic fund transfers using mobile phones, internet banking, and ATMs.

    Q2: How does IMPS work?

    A2: IMPS enables instant money transfer between bank accounts on a real-time basis. It can be done through various channels like mobile apps, internet banking, ATMs, or at the bank branch.

    Q3: What information is required to make an IMPS transfer?

    A3: To make an IMPS transfer, you typically need the recipient's bank account number, bank's Indian Financial System Code (IFSC), and the recipient's name. Additionally, you might need your own bank account details and an OTP (One Time Password) for authentication.

    Q4: Is IMPS available 24/7?

    A4: Yes, IMPS services are available 24/7, including weekends and holidays. It allows users to make instant transfers anytime, anywhere.

    Q5: Is there any limit on the amount that can be transferred using IMPS?

    A5: Yes, there are limits on the amount that can be transferred using IMPS. The limits vary from bank to bank and are usually set by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). These limits might differ based on the mode of IMPS transaction (mobile, internet banking, ATM, etc.). It's advisable to check with your bank for specific limits.