ECS Mandate Cancellation

The customer who wish to cancel the ECS mandate can send their request by flling the form and sending the same to the branch mail.

Click here to download the form

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ECS Mandate Cancellation

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    What is an E-Mandate?

    An E-Mandate is an electronic authorization given by a customer to a bank or financial institution to debit funds from their account for recurring payments or transactions.

    Why would I want to cancel an E-Mandate?

    You might want to cancel an E-Mandate if you no longer require the service for which the mandate was set up, or if you have switched to a different payment method.

    How can I cancel an E-Mandate?

    E-Mandates can often be canceled through your online banking portal or by contacting your bank or financial institution’s customer service. The exact process can vary, so it's best to check with your specific bank.

    Is there a fee for canceling an E-Mandate?

    Typically, there is no fee for canceling an E-Mandate. However, it’s advisable to check with your bank to confirm if there are any charges associated with canceling mandates.

    How long does it take to cancel an E-Mandate?

    The time taken to cancel an E-Mandate can vary depending on your bank and the specific process they have in place. It could take a few business days to process the cancellation request.