Two Wheeler Loan

Two Wheeler Loan

Experience the freedom of the open road with APCOB Bank’s Two-Wheeler Loans. Whether you’re dreaming of a stylish ride for daily commuting or seeking an adventure on two wheels, our quick and hassle-free loan options make it possible.

Bank finances loan for purchase of new/used vehicles two wheeler vehicle.

  • Professionals, salaried employees, self-employed, businessmen, proprietary/ partnership firms, Registered Institutions whose rules/bye-laws permit purchase of such vehicles.
  • Individual between the ages of 18 – 65 years.
  • loan can be sanctioned against Bank Term Deposits (100% / loan amount) in the name of applicant or third party with lien marking.
Features & Benefits

Maximum of ₹2.00 Lakhs

Affordable ownership for both new/old vehicle.

Easy & Quick approvals.

Low interest rates

Low down payment

Predictable payments

Interst Rates %
S. No
Cibil Score
Auto Loan
2 Wheeler
Car Loan
701 & Above
Old(UsedCars) Four Wheeler 13.00 (Not more Than 3 years)
  • The Two Wheeler to be purchased should be hypothecated in favour of the Bank.
    The second set of keys of the vehicle, Copy of RC Book, Copy of Insurance Policy
    should be deposited with the Bank.
    One personal surety – Acceptable to the Bank if the borrower does not have a proof
    of income.
    Surety is not required:
    a) In case, the Applicant without proof of income has paid 45% of the cost of the
    Two Wheeler as margin money.
    b) If the Applicant deposited our Bank’s Term Deposits/ NSCs as collateral security.
    c) If there is, a margin available in the value of collateral security already
    mortgaged to the bank against SOD/ CC to Traders/ Housing Loans/ REML/
    Education Loans, etc
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Two Wheeler Loan

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    1. What is a two-wheeler loan?

    A two-wheeler loan is a type of financing provided by banks, financial institutions, or lenders specifically to purchase a two-wheeler vehicle, such as a motorcycle or scooter. The loan amount, interest rate, and repayment period vary based on the lender's terms and conditions.

    2. How much loan amount can I get for a two-wheeler?

    The loan amount you can get for a two-wheeler depends on your eligibility, income, credit score, and the policies of the lending institution. Generally, lenders offer up to 80-90% of the on-road price of the two-wheeler as a loan amount.

    3. What is the interest rate for a two-wheeler loan?

    Interest rates for two-wheeler loans can vary from one lender to another and depend on factors like your credit score, loan amount, and tenure. It's advisable to compare interest rates from different lenders to get the best deal.

    4. What is the repayment tenure for a two-wheeler loan?

    The repayment tenure for a two-wheeler loan typically ranges from 12 months to 60 months (1 to 5 years). Some lenders might offer slightly longer tenures, but it varies based on the policies of the lending institution.