SSUF Scheme- Petty Trader Loan

SSUF Scheme- Petty Trader Loan

APCOB offers Petty Trader Loans to help small businesses thrive. Whether you need funds for stock, operations, or equipment, our easy application, quick approval, and competitive rates make it simple to boost your business.

  • Street Vendors / Hawkers, Tiffin Centres, Vegetable Vendors, Beauty Parlours / Saloons, Repairing Centres (Electrical / Electronics), Carpenters, Small Kiosks, Mobile Sellers, Tailoring units, Photo Studios, Welding Units, Xerox / Stationery shop, any
    other self-employment activities. The list is indicative only, and does not exclude any other prevailing or emerging activities as per assessment of Branch Manager.
  • The applicant should have account with the Bank.
  • He should be KYC norms compliant and should be undertaking the business activity within 5 kms radius of the branch.
  • Only one member in a family is eligible for the finance.
  • Minimum CIBIL – 650
  • No CIBIL score required for loan amount less than Rs. 50,000/- however the applicant should not be an existing defaulter.
Features & Benefits

The Credit can be sanctioned as CC facility or Term loan.

CC limit is valid for one year

In case of Term Loan maximum repayment period is 36 months.

The Term loan can be sanctioned for purchase of capital goods viz., machinery, Interior works and furnitire etc.,

The repayment can be made directly to the credit of CC account on daily/weekly/monthly.

In case of term loans, the daily / weekly payments have to be made into the SB account of the Branch.

Interst Rates %
S. No
Cibil Score
Rate of Interest
650 to 700
701 to 750
751 & above
800 & above
  • Penal Interest @ 2% will be charged on the overdue amount.
  • Rate of interest willbe charged on daily outstanding balances in case of Cash Credi
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Processing Charges
  • @1% on loan amount sanctioned + applicable GST subjected to maximum of Rs. 1,000/- only.
  • One employee surety having secured employment with a minimum take home pay of Rs. 10,000/-. (OR)
  • With a lien on the Fixed Deposits (Self/Third Party) made with the Bank of Value not less than Loan amount. (OR)
  • Deposit of Title Deeds of immovable property in the name of the applicant/family member. (OR)
  • Two Cross sureties / Joint Liability of three such Petty traders borrowed from the Bank.

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    Q1: What is a petty trader loan?

    A petty trader loan is a small-scale business loan specifically designed for individuals involved in petty trading activities, such as street vendors, market traders, and small business owners. These loans are meant to provide financial support for their businesses to grow and thrive.

    Q2: Who is eligible for a petty trader loan?

    Eligibility criteria can vary among lenders, but generally, individuals engaged in petty trading activities, who have a valid business registration, and can demonstrate their ability to repay the loan are eligible to apply for a petty trader loan.

    Q3: How much can I borrow with a petty trader loan?

    The loan amount available to petty traders typically varies based on the lender and the borrower's financial capacity. It usually ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, tailored to meet the specific needs of small businesses.

    Q4: What documents are required to apply for a petty trader loan?

    Common documents required for a petty trader loan application include proof of identity, proof of business registration, bank statements, proof of address, and sometimes business plans or financial statements. Lenders may have specific document requirements, so it's best to check with the respective financial institution.

    Q5: What is the interest rate for petty trader loans?

    Interest rates for petty trader loans can vary widely depending on the lender, the borrower's creditworthiness, and prevailing market conditions. It's important to compare interest rates and terms from different lenders to find the most favorable option for your business.